Mobup and the 24 Hours of Flickr Project


The Flickr team has organized a very cool project to happen on May 5: "24 Hurs of Flickr" and - as they say "grab your camera and whatever else you need, and chronicle your day in pictures".

Join the 24 Hours of Flickr group to get ready for the big day. After the big day, post your best photo to the group

They also accept geotagged photo; another reason to use Mobup to upload shots from your day life directly on Flickr and place them on the map.

The Pool for 24 hours of Flickr will open 6AM Pacific, Saturday May 5, 2007 (find out what time this is where you are). You will have until May 21 to contribute your photo. domain missing in action


The domain is not working anymore. It was provided for free (together with server space and bandwidth) by Consultechnology (the company where Mobup was originally born before going opensource) - which now appears not to exhist anymore; I checked the whois database and it still reports it to be a Consultechnology property, so I'll try to check with their legal rapresentative whether it's possible to have it transferred to me.

For sure it won't be possible to access Mobup site from org but just from the blog address ( Damn.

Should you have any suggestion on how to manage this, pls don't hesitate to drop us a line.

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Having problems installing Mobup?


I've received a couple of mails from Mobup users who couldn't get how to insert their Flickr user detail into Mobup.

Well the process is quite straightforward since you don't need to insert any username or password in Mobup, you just need to enter the Flickr application allow code; just follow these simple steps:
  1. open Mobup
  2. open the "options" menu (launch it using the main left button on your N73, just below the phone screen)
  3. select the "configuration" option
  4. insert the Flickr allow code with no dashes "-" between numbers.
  5. select ok
  6. let your phone connect to the internet
  7. Enjoy Mobup
But don't hesitate to drop us a line should you need further help!

A cool usage of Mobup


It's nearly a year we released the first version of Mobup on Sourceforge and - among the 3000+ downloads and nearly 800 photos mobupped to Flickr - I'd like to point you to one of the brightest usages of this tiny little piece of software for mobiles.

Mobosk is a mobile blog by Max Boschini, a visual artist from Italy, made up using just a Nokia N70, Wordpress and Mobup (aka multidimensional mash-up :-).

Good luck to Max and his new adventure in moblogging!

3 talks about Mobup


Today I found this post on one of 3 (aka Three, the 3G phone company) corporate blogs which introduces Mobup to its readers.

Thankyou Frangino!

Mobup 0.5 out now


We recently released a new version of Mobup (download it here) which marks the entrance in a new subversion, the 6th in a year or so.

We haven't added any hypening functionality but concentraed ourselves in listening to our users: bugs fixing, device compatibility and usability related functions that Mobup users suggested by email or on our development site.

The whole 0.5 series will be dedicated to this kind of stuff, but interesting things are coming up for the next major release.

Till then, start mobupping your phone shots now.

Mobup with Geotagging now available


Flickr has recently released a new tool to display geotagged photos and manually geocode existing ones.

Enabling GPSWe're very happy to announce that the NEW version of Mobup (v.0.4) is now freely available with a function to automatically geotag your photos using an external bluetooth GPS device.

We're supporting ALL the external GPS devices that could be used paired with a bluetooth cameraphone. If you don't have any you could buy one for few bucks on eBay (I've bought mine there, and it's plain great!)

All your Mobup geotagged photos will then visible not only on Flickr and its maps but also on our very own mash-up prepared by Tom Landspurg.

What you're waiting for? The wonderful world of geotagging is waiting for you!

Download source code

Mobup source code is now available for free under GNU General Public License and is hosted on Sourceforge, the world's largest Open Source software development web site. (Visit developer section for more infos)

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